Calloway's Pick Em Challenge update


Big time movement on the leaderboard! Beth Webb and Mrs. Edge vaulted to the top. Be on the lookout for the national championship form. We will have that game and a couple of tie breakers on it to determine our winner. This contest the top 3 spots will win at 70-20-10 split.

Update 1Dec 26thDec 29thJan 2nd
Beth Webb381320
Mrs Edge381320
Anonymous Picker381619
Dylan Sparks381319
Bob Rutherford371318
James Fleming171218
Lee Dial351118
Mike Muse371118
Rob Sanders481218
Russell Webb381218
Undercover boss 88281018
Carolina Jackpot381217
Keith Ramsey271117
Rick Nelson371117
Troy Bowers581317
Bill Perrell371116
Justin Ellis261016
Matt Frye251116
Matt Howell381116
Melanie Bookhart371116
Nancy Davis491116
Tyler Dove591216
Keith Ratamess271215
Ronald Jordan371015
Wendi Wyatt271015
Chris Driver261114
Chris Smith45814
Christian Young35914
Dixie Normus25814
Eddie Hicks261114
Jack Nilsson25814
Jackpot JR.261014
Ken Bellinger391014
Kevin Shuler25814
Ryan Drew36914
Sharon Griffith481114
South Carolina25714
Thomas Cummings371114
Billy Muse23613
Brian Peake26913
Karen Sanders261013
Mark Griffith351013
Ted McNair271113
Bob Davis15712
Gary Mills04712
Bobby Crews26711
Dennis Wilson25711
Taylor Varn25811
Brandon Monk35610
David Penn25710
Sally Fleming33610


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