Bourbon with Big Barney Ross

 Big Barney Ross will be doing Bourbon reviews for us from time to time. 

Here is the latest:

Tonight bourbon review, we look at the 12yr WhistlePig. A Canadian Rye, with a smoothness. This one is the oldest of the bunch in the piglets 3 pack of whistle pig bourbon and the most expensive It is also the lowest proof of the bunch at 86° proof. This bourbon runs about $240.00 This bourbon is the marriage of three finishes, each with their own distinctive flavor profiles. After maturing for 12 years in New American Oak, the spirit is divvied into one of three barrels, Madeira (63%), Sauternes (30%), and Port (7%). Rule of thumb, rye hasn't been cold filtered like wheat, so it's okay to drink with an ice cube. the sniff sniff, I get a vanilla, red fruits, and a hint of nutmeg oak and cherry pie. Very low burn, and alchol smell, this smells delicious. I pour 3 big Barney Ross fingers, which is equivalent to 6 of yours, lol. Taste test, soft in the mouth. Notes of red fruit, vanilla, oak, and cedar and warm cherry pie. It’s very nice, this is delicious.  Smooth, the smells compliment the taste. The aftertaste,  warm, and on the shorter side of medium length. Fruity with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cedar. it gives a real nice finish, leaving me, to immediately sip again, to play that song of bourbon flavors one more time. Nice warm hug in the chest, but the taste is delicious, and then the aftertaste is so complimentary.  I've tried all the whistle pig bourbon, and this is by far my favorite.  It puts me in mind of a cherry pie with the crust taste on the end. Second sip, I get a finish of Medium length finish, still pretty mellow overall, just mild warmth to go with it. Plenty of oak once more, sweet, delicate; just slightly astringent at times, before a wave of rich icing sugar and a bit of syrup. Citrus again, but not orange, instead some lemon and warm cinnamon, just a tiny bit of smoke to go along with it; we end with cool red wine and a cherry pie with crust I would recommend this bourbon,  it's been an absolute enjoyment.  I want more, I'm BBR, I'm out

Tonight's Bourbon review is very Olde St. Nick Immaculata, this bourbon comes in at 118.1 proof at 269.99 dollars, and it is an absolute imbarrassment. Immaculata (named after the Bible story about the immaculate conception of the Christ child within Mary, a virgin) is a big, bold whiskey that coats the whole palate with Chlorinated, peppery, somewhat gag-inducing… This tastes just like that brick-red Chipotle Tabasco sauce, which I love on scrambled eggs. I should have known that the bible references and bourbon  whiskey don't mix. The sniff sniff, I get a strong cardboard shaving. Not nice, sweet cardboard but old UHaul dirty cardboard. It’s intriguingly bad, like the nasal equivalent of a horrible traffic accident – you can’t help rubbernecking to look for body parts. It smells like a full kitchen trash-can after throwing away a burned stir-fry. The taste test, I immediately notice the strong presence of Touch of stale cereal, and then, in a positive way, enamel paint sort of like Sherman Williams. It fades to Musk and Lanolin.  After taste, I can distinctly recognize cigar leaf, wet leather, a strong sheep skin grease and ends with an acid sour stomach vomit. This is beyond terrible for the price. It made me think of the 1980s. (So, it tastes like MTV had a shoot out with Crockett and Tubbs on Miami Vice. It's just a really nice lingering Blackened Engine Grease taste. I recommend avoiding this.  It's way beyond bad. This is on my top 3 bast tasting bourbons of all time.  Just smells like rotting fish, beeswax, and Cosmoline, with a hint of San Antonio street gutter. A dead seagull and pepper finish. My mouth is numb, eyes watering, and my nose is running. The smell of Sileage, wet labrador, and toilet duck prevails. Save your money. I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machines and fluids from a bottle. So im Unpluging my computer and throwing St.Nick out. I'm BBR, bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it

Tonight's Bourbon review,  Blanton's Single Barrel edition. This bourbon was featured in the John Wick movie, and it comes in at 93 proof for about 199.99 bucks. I feel like I must binge watch all the Wick movies. This bourbon stands out in a film series based on the brand and how it's consumed. That is the case with the "John Wick" movie franchise and Blanton's bourbon from Kentucky. John Wick's drink of choice, Blanton posthumously bears the name of Colonel Albert Bacon Blanton, an early Buffalo Trace pioneer. It was created by his protege, Elmer T. Lee. and Ancient Age owns the brand internationally. This is a very smooth bourbon like John Wick's suits. The sniff sniff, strong cherry somewhat thick smell of caramel, oak wood, sweet corn, and honey, followed by a more cherry sweetness, almost like cherry soda. Notes of apricot are mixed in as well. That nice sweet and fruity base is supported by light to moderate fruity smell. The taste test, extra sweetness. Blanton’s starts with sweet caramel and vanilla reminiscent of caramel apple, malty grains, and moderate alcohol,subtle bite, warm on the palet, but very cherry and sweet. The after taste heats up, cinnamon and pepper on the finish. This is a very complex bourbon but smooth, just like John Wick. The fruitiness carries over into the aftertaste, which is slightly sweet with citrus, mint. The second and third sip gets smoother, and the sweetness and cherry are poppin. With a slight bite. This is a very well crafted Bourbon, and I'd give it the Big Barney Ross seal of approval. I would recommend this for any collection or just to sip and watch the John Wick movies. The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind, right John, There will be no business conducted on  Continental grounds, so have some Blanton's. I'm Big Barney Ross, bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it. Im outta here.

Tonight, we'll be doing Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection: Sonoma Triple Finish Bourbon Review,Now there are not a whole lot of Triple finish bourbons out there because, cost, resources  and most importantly, 3 more chances to mess it up. I avoid any Five-Malt Stouted Mash bourbons for just that reason. So, the Triple Finish part of this release centers around Woodford using three different types of casks to finish their bourbon in. The casks are Pinot Noir barrels, Brandy barrels, and bourbon barrels that aged red wine for a period of time and are now aging bourbon again. Woodford nailed it. This is like drinking silk. Beyond smooth, and for 179.00 price tag, it is worth every penny. The sniff sniff, cinnamon, oak, vanilla, and chocolate remind me that this is going to be special. There is a wave of fruit notes like cherries and assorted fruit that quickly begin to take over. The wine notes lean more towards red wines. This makes sense when I find a sweet note as I inhale. I don’t normally find sweet scents in Woodford products, but this one is more like the sweet Port wine. Overall, the nose is still quite soft. The  proof is probably the underlying reason for that. The proof comes in at 90.4.The taste test is entirely fruit blast. I get loads of grape juice, orange marmalade, cherry pie, fruit cocktail, and sweet red wine. Traditional Woodford notes of chocolate, caramel, and oak spice provide a nice base, but the sweet returns from the nose and leaves a smooth, milk chocolate taste in my mouth. I’m thrilled to find it lingers. The aftertaste, after the sip is complete. The strong, fortified wine notes leave a splendid aftertaste. The typical bourbon notes and most of the fruit sweetness are gone, leaving more of the port wine, sweet, and fruity flavors. All the momentum this dram had going for it in the nose and palate is elevated on the finish for me. I absolutely loved this pour, very smooth. Great taste, with a gentle smell.  Overall, this is my favorite

Tonight's Bourbon review.....Town and Branch. This bourbon has been on my shelf for a while, so tonight's the night. The city of Lexington, Kentucky, was built on the banks of the town branch of Elkhorn Creek. Its waters provided power for early industry as well as lime stone filtered water for distilling. Being the first new distillery built in Lexington since prohibition, Town Branch distillery is proud to revive the cities rich distilling tradition. I pop the top, and immediately, I get the sniff sniff of hot, spicy, dog piss with notes of unwiped anus. This is a rough note on the nose, What an unbalanced mess, my eyes are watering 😳 😢.  The taste test, limestone water from Kentucky,  no! it has to be made from water harvested at the bottom of the Hudson River. Immediately, my tongue hides behind my teeth. Town Branch Bourbon. It tasted like latex gloves soaked in ethyl alcohol and turpentine.  My eyes are watering more, and my nose is running. I can't get my stomach past the smell, The nose was mint and fennel or anus leakage, licorice, and the taste matches the smell. This bourbon is 90 proof, but geezus monkey nuts, this craft bourbon is rubbing alchol bad. This crafted Bourbon left something to be desired for me. The finish was short and didn’t add anything to the palate like I had hoped. The aftertaste reminds me of siphoning gas from a Yamaha YZ motor cycle.  I get a hint of raw fish and orange marmalade.  Overall, I was left wondering where the sweetness and flavor were and why my mouth felt so desperately dry afterward. Avoid this, save your 30 bucks and spend it on Buffalo trace.  The taste and smell aren't going away. It's something I'll have to wear off. I'm going to have to apologize to my kitchen drain, I poured the rest of the bottle down it. It's like licking the inside of a catcher’s mitt, with an aftertaste of outdated vitamins and river water. I don't think I'll ever try any more of the Town and Branch Bourbon. I'm Big Barney Ross,  I'm out. 

Tonight's Bourbon is Weller's full proof. This gem is made by Buffalo trace. It's wheated and runs around 300 bucks, coming in at 114 proof. Weller Full Proof offers a consistent, balanced, high octane Weller flavor profile that gives a great warm Kentucky hug but still has flavor. The nose knows,  Coffee cake a Dry seasoned oak along with Caramel, Some heat , a little Cinnamon, the he oak hits. This smells like a warm summers day down at the lake. The taste test, Caramel, then Vanilla followed by Oak  fading to Coffee cake finally Cinnamon spicy Barrel char, I love the Bold heat, it lingers. Like the sun beaming off the lake in August. The finish, heat ramps up, then the Cinnamon Turns sweet brown sugar with a caramel on the backend followed by peppers. Overall, this is like a day at the lake. You spend a bunch of money, you have fun, you get hot, and you come back for more. I enjoyed this pour. The flavor to heat was like the water versus the sun on the lake. It was just right. Try to always drink your bourbon neat and live the lake life messy. Remember, readers, at the lake, what doesn't kill me, makes my drinks stronger. I'm Big Barney Ross,  bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it, I'm outta here 

Tonight's Bourbon,  Good ole Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel, the 1st and only thing I have to say, I love it when a plan comes together.  I can't stop myself from quoting the A-team, and Col. Hannibal Smith. I was able to grab this bottle when I went to my favorite package store, 59.00. I went in for a look see and I grabbed a bottle of regular Buffalo trace, along with the Col. E.H. Taylor. I figured why not and snagged it, and Boy, am I glad I grabbed it. E.H. Taylor single barrel is an excellent bourbon with an exceptionally great nose and even better taste. It's one of my favorite bottles from Buffalo Trace and a great Buffalo trace product. The sniff sniff, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookie, oak, fresh cut oak, hint of orange, a light cinnamon with some baking spices, earthy, fresh baked bread, takes over like Mr. T. The taste test, cookies, oatmeal, slight char, maybe chocolate or caramel, cinnamon, banana nut bread, pepper, cayenne pepper, coconut then honey on the end. It has a Murdock 🫦 bite. The finish has a bite and burn, like an A-team fire fight. It warms the soul. I recommend this bourbon. It's a lovely drop, and it has a great feel. I enjoy all the flavors that end with a nice warm feeling,  like when a plan comes together.  I'm Big Barney Ross bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it, I'm outta here.

Tonights Bourbon of choice,  Buffalo trace.  People from all walks of Bourbon life have heard of Buffalo trace. Buffalo Trace Mash Bill  (Low Rye < 10%) I like a low rye, keeps the unpleasant burn down. This bourbon comes in at 90 proof, and it doesn't disappoint. The price is right with BT as I call it, at 30 to 39 dollars.  The sniff sniff, very sweet. the typical vanilla, caramel, and oak, but I'm getting  a touch of brown sugar as well. Slight hint of ethanol  but not overpowering or off-putting, some fruitiness like a citrus blast.

Taste test, delightful dance of caramel, and vanilla  like a sweet serenade to your palate. I get a sugary note, which could be brown sugar or just white sugar even. Spices, pepper, some rye spice on the back of the palate as well. Overall, it is a decent flavor profile, and to be honest, this is one of my go-to favorites, I keep for a good Kentucky rainy night. The finish is relatively short, which is expected for a 90 proofer and low rye. Oak leads the way, followed by some slight spice. Touch of the vanilla lingers along with the oak with a nice balance of heat. Overall, It’s a classic, well-rounded bourbon. It is still a 30-39$ 90 proof bourbon. Simple and sweet, but won’t leave you disappointed. Could easily be used to introduce people to bourbon  if they are beginners, and it works great as a daily drinker. You will never be able to change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails in life to reach your destination,  drink responsible,  I'm Big Barney Ross Bourbon taster extraordinaire,  remember,  the only thing you should chase your shots of Buffalo trace with, is high fives, y'all think about it, I'm outta here.

Tonight's Bourbon of Choice,  Gold Bar. It's a Straight Bourbon Finished in wine casks from Napa Valley for 3-6 years.  It's distilled in Texas by Gold Bar bottling Co. Made from Texas Corn 80% and Oklahoma Rye. 20% After all that, Gold Bar hails from San Francisco, with whiskeys blended by second generation Napa Valley winemaker Montgomery Paulsen. There are many Kentucky Bourbons finished in wine barrels. The sniff sniff....Raw oak and char smell almost a Pine-Sol like hit, then Vanilla some Dark cherries and finishes with cherry  Nyquil like smell. The taste test....Dark fruit with toffee a strong Campfire smoke flavor fades to Dark chocolate with Raisin and finishes on the palate, dominate Cough syrup. The after taste comes at me like Tobacco or Cigar box flavored with Cherries and strong Lingering smoke. If Nyquil got pregnant by Jim Beam, they would produce a Gold Bar Bourbon. I very rarely travel outside the state looking for a bourbon,  but the bottle was so unique and the packaging screams “gimmicky” with its gold bar-like appearance, the whiskey inside is actually quite unique, shirking the foregone conclusion that the bottle's contents would be some run-of-the-mill sourced whiskey that tastes like many others on the market. Instead, what’s inside the bottle is an unusual two grain mashbill that’s distilled in Texas, aged for 3-6 years in new American oak, and finished in Napa Valley French Oak wine barrels. To my surprise, the whiskey has undergone quite a process, resulting in a flavor profile that I would consider if I had the flu or a cold with a cough. I was finished too long in wine barrels, and the resulting product tastes like a cherry Nyquil note that is impossible to ignore. Flavors of chocolate, dark fruits, tobacco, and smoke provide a unique combination that teases enjoyment, but it’s the inability of these flavors to come together in combined with the Nyqil note that steers it off course. I'm BBR bourbon taster extraordinaire,  I'm out.

 Today's Bourbon is Calumet Farm. Now we all understand how important horse racing is to the Kentucky area and that it should be known, i’ts not insane how many bourbons associate with that heritage. Lord knows KY has some other stuff not to latch onto like a college football team and Between Mark Stoops Bourbon Nascar, bluegrass, and more terrible decisions, you’d just sort of wish to get a bourbon that doesn’t have a stupid 4 legged creature on it, but here we are. Calumet Farms comes in at 86 proof for 68 to 70 bucks. Back to the questionable decisions in Kentucky.  The sniff sniff. Sweet notes of caramel and butterscotch on the nose. Smooth accents of banana bread and light brown sugar mix well with a smokey char. Delicate and sweet with a round finish. The taste test. I get a simple vanilla, caramel, nutmeg, and black tea. That's it, nothing special but nothing terrible. The Finish, it's a low in warmth and length. Notes of oak, cherry, and baking spice, then it's gone.  So for 68 bucks, you could have had Weller's it's not a bad Bourbon,  but it was a terrible decision to spend 68 bucks on an average bottle of Bourbon. Sometimes,  I think to myself, "Hey, let's try something new.", then The bad decisions in Kentucky happen. First, the bottle shape was ugly, and it required the real estate of 2 bottles to fit on my shelf. The proof was also sketchy at 86
The labels didn’t include a distillery name, which is always sketchy. Instead, it was from a Beverage Company that was from Bowling Green, KY. There are no large distilleries there. Calumet products even used the term “Product of Kentucky” which is odd because the bourbon could be from anywhere as long as it was bottled in Kentucky. Bad decisions,  Kentucky football, and horse racing. All of these things make for a perfect Kentucky weekend. I'm Big Barney Ross,  Bourbon Taster extraordinaire. If someone wants you to drink and drive, quote Hamlet, act 3, scene 3,line 87, NO, y'all think about it, I'm outta here.

Today is cold and windy outside, no better time to warm up by the fire, with some Crown Royal. Seagram’s first introduced Crown Royal in 1939 to celebrate King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visiting Canada. In College, Plus I thought the signature purple bag was petty “on fleek” , I've used the bag for deployments, to hold odds n end stuff, I also used them to hold laundry quarters, as chalk bags when I went rock climbing in the wilds of Wyoming or spare spikes. It's just a little bag that is of great quality.  Now on to the goowed stuff, the whiskey. Sniff sniff, caramel, light fruit, light citrus, and a light almond create the initial aroma on this light whisky. Some light notes of raw grain, brown sugar, and a pleasant vanilla bring up the rear. The whole thing gets topped off with a  strong raw note that makes me wonder what the ratio of young to old whisky is in the bottle.  The Taste test: caramel, citrus, vanilla, fruit, and a vanilla caky quality mix and mingle with a nice sweetness and maple syrup while a unique raw grain is in the background. The finish, caramel, maple syrup, vanilla, candy corn, and raw grain sneak out in a long, slow finish that turns surprisingly smooth. This is a nice drink, smooth as silk, especially if you get a higher quality like their XO, it's very goowed. Overall, I recommend this, as a nice treat to sip on, when you have been out in the weather, cold, wet, damp, just bone cold. This will warm you up nice and slow, If you like a mix drink, this blends well. If you are a straight shooter like BBR, it's a winner. This runs about 24 bucks unless you get the higher quality,  and believe me, it's worth it. The XO is about $ 50.00 dollars. It has a great balance, a nice body, and a splendid feel at 80 proof. For a year of Covid and flu, BBR played it safe. I got all 3 shots this weekend. A shot of Crown Royal, a shot of Jim Beam, and a shot of Jack Daniels. I'm not a doctor, but I do play one on Eharmony.  I'm BBR, yall think about it

Tonights Bourbon review is in honor of Mark Stoops passing on the Texas A@M job. We will be enjoying Basil Hayden Toast. So, raise a glass Kentucky football fans and Toast to Mark Stoops staying at Kentucky and Texas A@M deciding to ride the Elko Camino to an 8-4 season for the next four years 

Basil Haden Toast comes in at 80 proof for around $45 bucks.

The sniff sniff, strong peaches, and ripe mixed berries jump right out at me. Deep inhale brings forth light traces of oak, orange zest, and a smidge of white pepper. The scents are on the lighter side overall due to the low proof, yet they’re still easy to identify and appreciate for me, and its a splendid experience.  There is no strong alcohol domination on the nose.

The taste test, the bourbon, is easy on the palate and is understandably light due to the 80 proof that is a Jim Beamproduct, I get Light vanilla, oak wood, and peaches mingle together and form the entirety of the palate. While the 80 proof makes this incredibly easy to sip, the mouthfeel is noticeably light, and even at the bottling proof, this seems sweeter than average. The after taste is short and almost nonexistent and ends almost as soon as it starts. Oak, light fruits, and a touch of corn grain along with new peaches' tastes are present. It’s reminiscent of a really sweet bourbon at 80 proof. This was a nice pour, I would recommend this bourbon when you want to Toast a splendid event. Who would want to live in Texas anyway, especially Austin, Texas? All there is to do is watch bats fly from The Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, I still say it's a rat with wings. So everyone grab a glass of Basil Hayden, Toast, Mark Stoops, and the Big Blue. I will be full of holiday spirit this season, lol I'm Big Barney Ross, bourbon taster extraordinaire, remember Toasted bourbons are often aged in charred barrels and then transferred to toasted barrels at the end of the aging process as a unique finishing touch. So lets all get toasted. I'm outta here

Tonight's Bourbon review,  we travel to the Johnnie walker blue bottle, now this is scotch whiskey,  not a bourbon, but it's so good you have to put it on the list. Aged 28 years and the absolute finest pour from select barrels,  one in every 10,000 casks is considered to be of sufficient quality to deserve the label. At 80 proof coming in at an average price of 240.00 bucks, Johnnie Walker blue is sipped and enjoyed.
The Kentucky Blue draws you into the bottle, time to watch Kentucky football and uncork and sniff sniff. Sweet, like honey. Malty, but I get a honey nut cheerios smell, a faint pear note on the initial nose, but I seem to lose it over time. It is relatively light and has no burn or dominate alcohol smell, just something quite delicious and lite.
The taste test,  Honey, Malty with some fruits in here like apples, pears, maybe some oranges. Candied oranges I get a hint of, another sip, ahhh, the quietest whisper of milk chocolate. Again, that faint pear note in the back. It’s a tad thin, but it does still have some body to it, absolutely smooth. The aftertaste, Malty, A bit peary. A tad earthy, Some warm spice. Dare I say smooth, well it's smooth, very smooth.
Final note,  it is a bottle that makes a bold statement for guests, absolutely. Does it look great on a shelf? Of course. Does it make you feel kind of like a boss to kick back on a Thursday night watch NFL football The Tennessee Titans and pour out a finger or two? You bet. I really like this scotch whiskey. This would be great to enjoy on Easter, What kind of whisky does the Easter bunny drink? Hop Scotch. IM BIG BARNEY ROSS,  Bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it, I'm outta here

Tonight's Bourbon review,  Yellowstone.  This is a 40.00 bottle of Beth Dutton, just rough, tough. I open the bottle and give it the sniff sniff, There are worse things out there. Like syphilis. This is barely better than syphilis. Very rough on the nose, it smells like the Dutton ranch outhouse. Sweet baby Jesus, this is rock gut. I smell a wet German shepherd with rotten apples,  some paint thinner along with stale cornbread. I get a hint of a dumpster fire of a rock bottom bourbon, the hot garbage smell. This is worse than the smell of canteen stale water at Fort Hood. 
The taste test, seriously spiced, and it is not in a pleasant way. I'm not sure you could mix this with anything to help it, I will keep this for when company and family I don't like comes over. The taste is old shoe, with captain Morgan's spices that he threw out, with rotten apples followed up with a hint of Copenhagen. You would have to be a ranch hand at the Dutton ranch to dare drink this. The after taste is acid reflux. You will have to lick a cats ass to get this taste out of your mouth, just terrible. I actually poured 2 of the 3 fingers out in the sink. I highly recommend avoiding this. It feels  like John Dutton has taken Big Barney Ross to the train station. Holy shit, what is this sorcery, my palet is melting.  I took a sip of apple cider vinegar to help get the burn and taste out of my mouth. It’s a pour the bottle in a commode kind of bourbon. You could buy a cheaper bourbon,  but then you would have to drink it. I'm Big Barney Ross, bourbon taster extraordinaire,  I highly recommend avoiding this,  I'm going to go look for my cat. Remember,  there are worse things than Yellowstone out there, like the bowl game Kentucky will play in, y'all think about it, I'm outta here.

Tarr Bourbon.....Mark Stoops first review.......

The predominant aroma of corn husks is mixed with a sentimental schoolroom whiff of white glue peeled from the fingertips....Taste on the pallet: Fat and buttery to start, then a weird vegetal note emerges alongside something akin to a flat sports drink Gatorade/Capri Sun Sweat then sulphur, heavily chlorinated swimming pools, cheese and sour baby vomit. Closing Notes, TO all the listeners avoid this Bourbon,  heartburn, and gargling hot asphalt is more appealing. Mark Stoops should be penalized for unnecessary roughness with this Bourbon. BBR, Bourbon taster extraordinaire.

Big Barney Ross is a Kentucky apologist who took up Bourbon Tasting at a young age to combat the stench of Wildcat football. He enjoys long walks on the beach and collecting divorces,driving fast in an armored Humvee down MSR Michigan,  getting blown up,  5 IED, and 2 VBIEDS, His lifelong dream is to get into a fist fight with William Shatner.

Jim Beam Ghost

Jim Beam, big on taste easy on the wallet. JIM Beam comes in as a favorite in Kentucky, it's affordable, and it's great for people who love mixing themselves a cocktail. Jim Beam goes great with Mt. Dew, and nothing is better when your Dad goes to bed, you can make out with your stepmother. If there is ever a reason to fight a family member at a barbecue, Jim Beam has always been there. Tasting notes. With a slightly spicy, oaky vanilla aroma, this medium-bodied bourbon brings mellow hints of caramel, vanilla, grain, and oak flavor with a lightly sweet, toasted oak finish. Jim Beam has a wide variety of blends. One of my favorites is Jim Beam Ghosts, Nothing better than sitting around a campfire in Kentucky telling Ghost stories. Final thought, always remember to drink your bourbon with your gun hand to show friendly intentions. Civilization began with distillation in Kentucky. JIM BEAM and Phillip Morris are the sponsors of the Kentucky welcome packet. I hope everyone enjoyed this Bourbon review. Remember when life hands you lemons, make Whiskey sours. BIG BARNEY ROSS IM OUT.

Eagle Rare

How to make the perfect Martini, 1st pour gin, vermouth, and olives into the trash where it belongs and drink bourbon. Tonight's third installment of BBR bourbon review will be Eagle Rare. Eagle rare is fully aged for no less than ten years. At 79.00 a bottle, you can have a 10 year aged smooth bourbon in your liquor cabinet. The sweaty, oaky flavor adds more complexity than a typical bourbon and actually results in a drink of world-class quality, and the heat isn't too bad. Nose: Rich fruit scents of cherries and apricot jelly, caramel, and butterscotch add sweetness and are a great parallel to the spicy notes of cinnamon. This is a great Bourbon for special occasions like any day that ends in Y. Remember to always drink responsibly because drinking with a speech impediment is whisky business. BBR, Bourbon taster extraordinaire, I'm out.

Bacon alone can't solve all your problems, that's what bourbon is for..... Very old Barton At first sniff, Barton Bourbon doesn’t have much to offer. There’s some light honey, grain, vanilla, fennel, slightly dark apple juice, a drop of orange juice, and some dry and roasted oak. Similar to young craft bourbon, there’s a noticeable youthful graininess and pepperiness because the bourbon hasn’t had enough time to develop more sweetness. The taste test Sipping this bourbon brings some slightly floral honey and vanilla, pear, a drop of cherry, and herbal fennel up front. Then I start to get more of that earthy and dry grain, caraway seed, oak, and dry cracker that screams young and under-developed bourbon. All in all, for cheap bourbon, I've had worse. Wait, The AFTERTASTE kicks off with dry and bitter oak, honey, roasted grains, and herbal fennel. It becomes quite bitter and dry at the end, but not remotely at all like a 10+ year old bourbon does it. It’s a little unpleasant, but for twenty bucks, it's a trade-off....there is a reason bourbon comes in fifths... Because you need it when you're too tense.....BBR, BOURBON TASTER EXTRAORDINAIRE, IM OUT

BIG BARNEY ROSS, VALENTINES BOURBON REVIEW What's better than heart-shaped candy? Feel good hydration. Nothing warms the heart on this special occasion quite like Weller's special reserve bourbon. It’s a very naughty girl. This is the whisky version of a ballerina’s pirouette, smooth and flowing graceful in the glass, very subtle, bare naked bourbon. This Bourbon needs to breathe to be a tasty treat. Undress the bottle slowly, provocatively. The warmth in your mouth, wet and bursting with exotic flavors. Smell test...... Weller Special Reserve kicks it off with honey sweetness and floral citrus, apple, strawberry, vanilla, a thin layer of toasted oak, hay, and CINNAMON. Taste test..... Weller Special Reserve is darker on the palate with honey, oak, cinnamon, dried grass, citrus, vanilla, and apple. It’s more oaky than the nose suggests, but at least there isn’t much bite with its 90 proof. It’s not super thin, but there’s not a ton there either. The happy ending..... Final after taste is more tannic than expected with honey, cinnamon, apple, and black pepper. This sounds crazy, but there’s a slightly minty note, even though there’s absolutely no rye in this bourbon. Looks like BBR picked the wrong week to start my high altitude bourbon balloon tours, and I picked the wrong day to be alone. This bourbon needs a friend. BBR, BOURBON TASTER EXTRAORDINAIRE, IM OUT

Tonights Bourbon, Old Crow..... Old Crow was a favorite of Mark Twain and Mitch McConnell. Coming in at 9.99 a bottle, this bourbon has bad character like McConnell. Smell test.... Notes included hints of paint that tasted like the left wing of a dead seagull on edisto Beach, and dead gerbals were among the more unusual ovarian scent. Taste test..... Individual tasting notes included.... Pork rindssome scratchings dusted with paprika Dirt with Damp cardboard. A very Spicy cigarette ash tray A touch of the tool room welding with some Roofing tar... Plankton is present, and yes....I can taste thinner, motor grease, and Cullen sink glue, a hint of rotting fish, beeswax, and cosmoline..... After taste hits and gawd.....Unusual taste of Sileage, Wet Labrador retriever With a fading Damp autumnal hay note.... For a cheap bourbon, you get what you pay for, just like a politician in Kentucky. This was beyond 👎 bad. Avoid politics and old crow at all costs. Most of the time, if you hold a glass of bourbon to your ear, you can hear the weekend. You hold old crow to your ear, you hear Mitch McConnell laugh.....BBR, bourbon taster extraordinaire, I'm out.

Tonights featured bourbon, which is Woodford Reserve. I drink bourbon because I don't like to keep things bottled up. The smell test.... It starts off mild and round with characters of the wood barrels with a hint of smoke. The Sorghum Syrup brings out sweet aroma characteristics found in Woodford Reserve. The notes in the finish stem from the corn, rye, and malted barley grain recipe. It's a wheat grainy scent followed by a pinch of mint, fruits, and nuts. The alcohol smell is not dominant. Taste test.... A taste of caramel and chocolate. A mild spice with a little heat finish. It has light to moderate sweet honey and vanilla notes with equal amounts of charred wood and dried corn. A splendid sip that is very smooth. After taste.... There is a strong after taste of spicy heat. Alcohol taste is dominant but fades quickly. In conclusion... Red bull may give you wings, but bourbon gives you balls. This is a lovely bourbon to make great tasting bourbon balls, for when you get tired of the maker's mark.... This is an all-around bourbon. It goes great with a fine cigar, like guantanamera. This bourbon is great if you want to add ice. If you add ice, you must call it the Titonic. When the bourbon hits the ice, it goes down quickly. This is Big Barney Ross, bourbon taster extraordinaire , y'all think about it, I'm outta here.

Tonights Bourbon review is High West Bourbon. Ranchers and cowboys behave by an unwritten set of rules that have come to be known collectively as the Code of the West. Enshrined in the Code was the freedom of the plains. As cowboys traveled long distances across these barren plains, it was not uncommon to encounter another man enjoying a bottle of Bourbon beside his campfire. This bourbon, when shared amongst cowboys and ranchers, was the ultimate expression of the cowboy’s code. This Utah crafted blend of straight bourbons double rye is at least 2 years old, making a great sipper and outlaw whiskey. At first glance, the bourbon looked like Apple juice. The sniff test. Citrus, honey, maybe a little bit of florals, subtle spice, a very nice balance. Taste test. Apricot, apples, honey, heavy caramel note that dominates. It's a very sublime, warm feeling. Aftertaste Closes with some subtle pepper spices, warmth , and doesn't leave the mouth feeling dry, leaving me to want more bourbon. Before I knew it, I had drank half the bottle. I'm quoting pale rider and the outlaw Jose whales. Now I'm squinting like Clint eastwood, punk. For a few dollars more, I can get another bottle. I gave this bourbon, the good, the bad, and ugly review. This most definitely competes with the bourbons in its price range, and it's a nice fruity and fun pour. Although I like to drink bourbon neat, I see this with some extremely high potential to be good for old fashions and whiskey sours or on the rocks. I would recommend this bourbon, and the hangover wasn't bad. Big Barney Ross, bourbon taster extraordinaire, I'm out

Tonights Bourbon review is the wheated Bourbon by heaven hill called Larceny bourbon. This bourbon was not bottled in bull shit. One tough street fighter kicking you in the liver is what this tasting was like. It would be a crime if I understated how rock gut this was. The 30 dollar price tag gives you the cheap holiday Inn hooker feel. Coming in at 92 proof, it steals any hope of not having a monstrous hangover. This is the 30 dollar crack whore of the bourbon community. Let's face it, in tough times, it'll do. Larceny bourbon and a prostitute, you get what you pay for, and that's getting intercoursed. Heaven hill, should change the company name to hooker Hill after producing this thug of a liquor. After handing the cashier 30 dollars and drinking this bourbon, I felt as if Larceny had been committed to my liver. I'm not talking petty Larceny where you spend a Saturday on the commode, I'm talking grand Larceny where you have to wipe with a sham wow for the entire weekend. It's a throw away at that, there ain't no ringing that out. Now the sniff test, The smell of getting drunk, and a strong eroma of a lap dance, from an exotic dancer, Raven who had sex with 9 different guys in the back but didn't shower. The alcohol smell is over whelming. The taste test, As soon as the bourbon hits the pallet, your mouth goes completely numb. The tasting notes moves slowly to the sound of a country song about good whisky and bad women on one of three gilded poles at the Thorobred Lounge, not a classy lady note, but trashy carmal, burnt oak hooker walking up and down the street bourbon that says, We are here to entertain. I felt like this bourbon robbed my tasting senses of any decent flavors and just pounded the pallet into submission, then stole my breath. Final thought, For 30 bucks and a chance to take my taste buds to the bad part of town. It made me feel like I paid cash for a three day toilet session. I recommend avoiding this bourbon, BBR, I'm out.

Tonights Bourbon review Breckenridge Bourbon Coming in at 86 proof, I was looking for a Bourbon tasting that wouldn't leave me high and rye. The sniff sniff test Nose offers sweetness of caramel apples and raisins, with light pepper spice and a hint of coffee and char; The taste test Soft on the palate. It has honey at first, crème caramel, stewed fruit, and vanilla, with oatmeal, rye spice, hints of char, oak, and spiced cider; finish is warm, moderate-to-long, with sweet oak and vanilla. I can't tell by this review if im ordering a whiskey, a breakfast, or some dessert, lol. Some things are best left unsaid, but I'm going to drink this bourbon and say them anyway. Courage is a vitamin best swallowed with bourbon, let's face it, here in Kentucky, Tobacco farming is on its way out, and the state's dominance in the horse industry has been losing ground. But bourbon is here to stay. I'm Big Barney Ross, bourbon taster extraordinaire, this bourbon was a joy to sip, and there is many a slip to a bourbon cup and a lip. Drink responsibly.

Tonight's Bourbon review Old Elk, this bourbon is a corn monster. BOURBON is by far the most popular of all remedies that won't cure a cold. The Nose I find nice, crispy caramel corn right away. There's a lovely malty, funky whore house aroma that I love. There's a slight level charred oak sitting there. I'm so surprised about the caramel smell; it's slightly like a county fair or South Carolina's football stadium full of burnt butter. It's just a strong smell of carnival food. The Taste test My first sip is dark chocolate and blamo. There's the banana note I was expecting. It's paired well with a toasted vanilla note. Another sip really shows off the major league corn that I was finding on the nose. The linger is long and tingling up in the palette. There is a banana split feel that comes in. Fades to a cinnamon, banana bread, and a big spice sizzle. This doesn't have a ton of depth to it, but the flavors are really well crafted. The best way I could summarize this would be that it's like a banana split covered in caramel . All these notes you will find at a South Carolina home football game or in a bottle of old Elk. I'm Big Barney Ross Bourbon taster extraordinaire, What do you get when you cross Van Gogh with George Thorogood? One bourbon One scotch And one ear Y'all think about it, I'm outta here.

Tonights Bourbon review 
Knob Creek, when you want a Kentucky hug, reach for Knob Creek. The warm sensation you feel in your upper body after drinking some bourbon.  It's called a Kentucky hug. 
Knob Creek  comes in at 100.7 proof for just that warm feeling. This bourbon is best when you give it legs. To give a bourbon legs, you swirl it around in the glass. Knob Creek is one of my favorites.  It's named after the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln. It's a great dessert after a grilled steak and it is at home with a fine cigar like Guantanamera. 
The sniff sniff....a nice vanilla, light oak, and a dab of caramel. A hint of char and a hint of marshmallows round things out. This is my go-to bourbon.
The taste test.....
A rich oak and vanilla up front on the palate. A dash of black pepper and rye spice. A lingering oak and warming spice with vanilla that's hits just right. This is Meg Ryan in a bottle. It's like walking through the trees and opening up a glade air freshener.  
There will be no Angel’s Share with this bourbon, that is, the amount of alcohol that is spilled at a bar/restaurant or at home.
There is no mingling with this bourbon. Mingling is when you mix together multiple barrels of whiskey from the same distillery to create a common taste profile. This bourbon is a Jim Beam product, and it's not mixed with a bunch or nonsense.  It took 9 years to get to the shelf, and I never rush Knob Creek. Sip it, let  it make ordinary moments feel like special occasions. I'm Big Barney Ross Bourbon taster extraordinaire,  remember folks, Love makes the world go round and Bourbon makes it go round twice as fast. Y'all think about it,  I'm outta here.

Tonights Bourbon review 
20 Year old Pappy Van Winkle
First, uncork the bottle. Turn it around. Do it doucement. Do it very slowly. Good. Now, sip the bourbon down slowly. Let your hands on the bottle be your lovers hands, dancing the bourbon  in the glass sexy. 
The sniff sniff. 
A honey, but the softness is delicate in the glass, making it easy to nose. The bourbon smells of roasted pecans and vanilla with a hint of chocolate milk, absolutely amazing. Finishes with a Cherry char oak smell that transfers perfectly from the nose here.
The taste
A very rich flavor of cherries soaked in sherry, hickory smoked jerky with a brown sugar liqueur. The palate dances like Helen Tasker in True Lies. The flavors are exotic and sweet, and there is some very delicate cinnamon and nutmeg spice.
The Finish is long as Helen's legs in True Lies, very refreshing, finally leaving you resting on a delicate dark chocolate note. So delightful it makes you want to delay tasting anything else as long as possible.
This was a winner. Pappy Van Winkle 20-Year-Old tastes like a perfectly made dessert, hitting all the major flavor categories. bitter, sweet, savory, sour. I can’t think of anything else to say about this release except that it’s about as close to perfect as anything ever gets, just like the dance scene in True Lies. 
20 year Pappy Van Winkle,  Okay, just ask yourself: What do women really want? You take these bored housewives, married to the same guy for years, they’re stuck in a rut, they need some release! Promise of adventure, a hint of danger. Pappy Van Winkle creates that for them.” I'm Big Barney Ross, bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it, I'm outta here.

Tonight's whiskey review,  Michter's 
Today, it's official, Camp Lejeune bottled water is now outselling Bud Light. So drink more bourbon people, leave the nasty bud light water alone. 
Michter's small batch unblended whiskey is as good as Weller's ithout the big price tag. This is a very smooth whiskey 
The sniff sniff.
This whiskey is the new car smell of the oak barrel whuskey world, deep sweet caramel, toasted corn, and baking spices, which fades to dark fruits, vanilla bean, and a touch of cereal that reminds me of young rye. some corn, grain, and raisins were all present but very subtle. It's very refreshing to the snout. Every scent is lite and subtle. 
Gullet test
Sweet corn, honey, and vanilla are immediately noticeable when you take a sip. Notes of oak, white pepper, honey, peaches, and raisins lingered for a while in my mouth with the predominant flavor being the white pepper that brings a subtle heat and spice to the finish. This whiskeys unique taste would be Geri Halliwell of the spice girls or better known as Ginger Spice. The 
aftertaste of dark fruit and cherries makes it very nice.
All together,  this American whiskey comes in at 83.4 proof. It's very smooth, and I always have a few bottles in my cabinet. The reason it’s not classified as a bourbon is because it is aged in ex-bourbon barrels that are still bourbon soaked when filled with fresh distillate. The word ‘unblended’ on the label refers to the fact that this whiskey isn’t blended with neutral grain spirits before bottling, as is usually the case. Like my 4th wife, she was only a whisky maker....but I loved her still. I'm Big Barney Ross, bourbon/ whiskey taster extraordinaire, y'all think about it, I'm out.

Today's bourbon of choice, Buffalo trace 's cheapest made straight bourbon, Benchmark old #8.  straight bourbon has to be at least 2 years old, and the age has to be disclosed on the label if it’s less than 4 years old, which Benchmark Old No 8 is in this case.
The sniff sniff test of budget Buffalo Trace:
I get a strong presentation of stale crackers, 
Benchmark Bourbon doesn’t have much to offer. There’s some light honey, grain, vanilla,  slightly dark apple juice, a drop of orange juice, and some dry and roasted oak but mostly stale cracker. Similar to young craft bourbon, there’s a noticeable youthful graininess and pepperiness because the bourbon hasn’t had enough time to develop more sweetness.
The taste test:
From my experience, bourbon picks up more oak, pepper, and char at first because of the intense char inside the virgin barrels, and it takes more time for the caramel, fruit, and chocolate to develop to round it all out, and this has none of that. It’s pretty bland, and after a second it gets a little bitter. This would go great with Wendy's chili in February out on a bear hunt in Quebec Canada when provisions have dwindled to nothing. There is a little sweet and fruity, but then the dry oak, earthy caraway char, youthful grain, and black pepper take over and make the flavors worse. 
After taste: the sweetness tapers-off and the dry and bitter oak, black pepper, and earthy oak char takes over. I'm from Kentucky and will drink anything, so Big Barney Ross is
usually pretty forgiving here, but this pretty unpleasant and only gets worse with every sip.
My advice is to spend a little bit more and get Jim Beam bottled in Bond for around $20. If you want to splurge, buy the 1.75L handle for $30, and it’ll last a while. This was the beautiful, long-legged blond that doesn't take hygiene seriously. Just leaves a tainted tart taste in your mouth. Avoid this bourbon as you would a trailer park. BBR, I'm out

Todays tasting will be Jack Daniel's , when the whole state of Tennessee gets together for their Saturday pride parade, wearing the orange and white, pride shirts with the power Tranny logo, marching into Nyeland, to scream and sing. Jack Daniel's sour mash has always been there.
The nose knows:
First smell, you get a mix of fruity sweetness, vanilla custard, oak, and banana. It’s medium in intensity, yet still has a decent richness to it. Apricot and corn provide an additional layer of confusion. 
The taste test:
I get a rush of corn and banana upfront that’s followed by a sugary blend of vanilla and walnut. Light traces of smoke, cinnamon, and maple creep in and help add some additional rainbow of flavors. 80 proof, but it drinks  slightly hotter.Its best to mix Jack Daniel's,  along with your feelings. Every bottle of Jack Daniel's should come with bail money, Because on Jack, you don't know where you're going to end up, but you know when you get there, it's going to be a rocky top. When you drink Jack Daniel's,  you're not here to insult anyone. You are here to insult everyone. Jack is the rock gut , which smells like you're cooking corn. So remember readers, if you are in Tennessee on a Saturday and you find yourself surrounded by a pride parade heading towards Nyeland stadium with the power Tranny T....grab a Jack Daniel's.  Dull the pain, numb the brain. Jack Daniel's old no.7 comes in with a decent price tag of 20 bucks. It's good for making mix drinks and decisions.  Most of the Tennessee party babies are from Jack Daniel's,  the baby will have his eyes, that guy forearms, the hairy dudes legs, short guy in the corners hands, loud guys know, a party baby.  I'm big Barney Ross bourbon taster extraordinaire,  yall think about it, I'm out of here.

Tonight's Bourbon review: Angel's envy, this bourbon gets its name from The small percentage of spirit lost each year during barrel aging to evaporation is traditionally called the “angel's share.” Reportedly, after tasting his finished bourbon, Lincoln Henderson, Louisville  Kentucky  distillery, joked that if the angel's share is what evaporates, then the angels envy is what's left in the barrel. Thus, Angel's Envy was born.
The sniff sniff
I get a strong berry smell followed by chocolate with some oak, with a hint of maple. This bourbon comes in at 86 proof, and the burn just isn't there. 
Taste test.
A lot of rye bourbons taste like damp autumnal hay or Sileage and smells like a wet labrador, but not Angel's envy.  With the port barrels aging 4-6 years and the proof at 86. The taste is extremely smooth. You can drink this and not make a face if you are a beginner of bourbon tastings. It's that smooth. The pallet gets a strong Maple with vanilla, toasted almonds, lite spices. Smokey undertones, sweet fruit, chocolate, creamy vanilla, spices with sweet caramel notes of deliciousness. Clean, lingering, smooth, silky finish with a hint of cherry. 
The aftertaste I would describe as an oak-aged PB&J sandwich.  Just a splendid finish. As much as I hate Louisville,  the Angel's Envy bourbon is heavenly. The price is right at 39.99 and the smoothness is worth every penny. For all those alcoholics out there trying to decide where to live, give Louisville Kentucky a try, down by the distillery. 
You can settle on a su-bourbon area in the Metro area of Jefferson County. I'm big Barney Ross,  bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it, I'm out of here.

Tonights Bourbon is Old Grand dad.
Old Grand dad is a great bourbon if your pallet has landed on the beach during D-day invasion.This bourbon coming in at 114 proof, is like sitting on your grand dad's lap when you were a kid. Hard, stiff, and musky.  Just a rough ride from start to finish. This bourbon is for the ranch hands on Yellowstone to put in their coffee. 
The nose knows.....
You get a lighter fluid cinnamon accompanied by vanilla pudding, caramel, and a trace of baking spices are evident, but discreet. Some old english cologn, maybe. A swirl of the glass reveals a touch of oak along with John Deere green diesel smell. All though the scents are fleeting. While the aroma isn’t off-putting in any way, its overall lightness prevents it from reaching its potential, resulting in a below average nose simply for that reason. It smells like a nursing home for cheap bourbon. 
The Taste test....
Baking spices and a touch of cinnamon coal furnace, forming a spicy base. A familiar caramel note offers a contrasting sweetness, accompanied by lighter fluid and burnt apples. The intensity on the palate is amplified by comparison to the nose, undoubtedly aided by the bourbon’s forward spiciness. And while still light overall, the mouthfeel has more weight than I would expect from an 114 proof bourbon providing a feeling of violation from sitting on Grand dad's lap, your whole pallets is just numb, like you were growing up after Grand dad came to visit for the summer.
The aftertaste......
This has WW2 flamethrower written all over it, just fact, I'm on fire, I'm sweating like Pattons 4th Armord division fighting Rommel in the desert.
I'm Big Barney Ross,  I'd dodge this bourbon like an incoming mortar round. It's got a touch of alcohol,  lysol, and a hint of gasoline taste.  Y'all think about it, I'm out of here.

Tonight's Bourbon review,  Elmer T. Lee
Coming in at 90 proof and hitting the wallet at 499.00 a bottle, Elmore T.Lee is a hard to find Bourbon,  but I managed to get my country ham sized hands-on one. Buffalo Trace’s products are allocated and can be very difficult to acquire. It's way over priced but, for a Bourbon tasting extraordinaire,  it was a fun pour. 
The sniff sniff, 
Big fat caramel apples. Green apples. Toasted almonds dare I say camp fire smore's. There is vanilla rolling around here and dark fruit with a hint of dark spice. This smells like Warren buffets bank account. 
The taste test,
zero heat. Delicious caramel sweetness over apples. Like a baked apple dessert. apple pie, this is a big old truckload of apple crisp with a bit of almond crumble over top of an apple pie. As this works through the palate I’m getting some cherry and a sweet vanilla note. For a 90 proof bourbon, this is impressive. It warms my core, its a Kentucky hug.  
 The after taste, low heat. Again, almost zero ethanol, but the flavors from this are sticking around nicely. This is sweet, it’s fruity, and it has some complexity in the form of aged oak and light apple pie. As far as finishes go, this is darn good. Close to top marks. This bourbon sings,
I feel the magic in your caress
I feel magic when I touch your dress. Silk and satin, leather and lace, this bourbon is like
Black panties with an angel's face. I'm Big Barney Ross,  bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it,  I'm outta here. 

Tonight, Big Barney Ross opens his liquor cabinet and grabs a bottle of blade and bow, leaving 4 bottles in the picture. A wellers product,  named after parts of a key. The blade of the key for smoothness and the bow, for the body. There are numbers on the keys, 1-5. Collect all 5 like I have. You can send in a picture of them to their website, and they will put your name on a cup in a room with all the other cups at the old Stitzel Weller distillery. When you go to the bar where they give the tours, you can drink out of your engraved golden cup. The five keys, yes, BBR, is a member of the bourbon 5 key club. These keys not only embody the five essential steps of crafting exceptional bourbon, (the five steps of making bourbon - grains, yeast, fermentation, distillation, and aging) but also, and importantly, symbolize the Southern traditions of hospitality, warmth, and enjoying the finer things in life., like Kentucky Wildcats football. 
The sniff sniff, 
This starts with aromas of peaches, honey, rasins, and light oak. These scents are encapsulated within a dose of cinnamon spice, which I wasn’t expecting to be so prominent for a 91 proof bourbon. Smells goowed.....
The taste test,
The peaches from the nose carry over to the palet and are joined with white pepper, vanilla, oak, and a little grain spice. It’s light and enjoyable with a nice balance of sweet and a hint of spice. The palate makes this really easy to sip on. It's goowed.....
This bourbon coming in at $50. On paper, it feels like a deal, and that’s not even factoring's goowed. It’s a great everyday sipping bourbon and also forms a great base for cocktails . I'm going to pour 3 more fingers just to make sure the written statement above is accurate. Meanwhile,  I'm Big Barney Ross,  bourbon taster extraordinaire,  please remind Will Levis all you Tennessee vol Titan fans, a banana has 105 calories,  a shot of bourbon has 80, choose wisely my friends.  BBR, y'all think about it. I'm outta here.....

Tonights Bourbon is 1792.
I live 40 minutes from the plant and warehouse. This is a great bourbon for the price. It’s one of the most affordable options from the Kentucky-based distillery that’s also owned by Sazerac. If you are in the mood for a small batch, this is a great choice. 
In 1492' (Columbus sailed the ocean blue) drinking 1792, I'm gonna get drunker than you, go big Blue.
The sniff sniff, 
1792 Small Batch starts off caramel, cherry, and licorice forward (that’s nice), followed by vanilla, roasted oak, cinnamon, orange, cotton candy, candy corn, and caramel apples. Hey, it smells good, more fruity than you would expect.After swirling, I smell licorice-y honey, cherry, orange, vanilla, roasted oak, cinnamon, caramel apple, yes, real fruity smell.
The taste test.
Honey, vanilla, licorice, cherry, dried orange peel, roasted oak, cinnamon, and green grape come with my first few sips. I can immediately tell that there’s no graininess or high alcohol bite, which is always a big plus for me.
I could have sworn that there’s sometimes a banana note with 1792 bourbon on the palet. 
The aftertaste is a nice balance of herbal honey, licorice, cherry, orange, roasted oak, cinnamon, and a little dark fruit and caramel nougat. 
For a 93.7 U.S. proof, or 46.87% alcohol by volume, you get a nice feel, and it doesn't bite. It was great to sip on while watching Kentucky play football because  the big blue hasn't won a championship since the 1700s, lol this has been a good bourbon for weeks 1, and the price is excellent.  I would recommend this bourbon. 
Do you know what rhymes with college football.....Bourbon.
Always keep your friends close but your bourbon closer, and remember,  in Kentucky,  bourbon is the glue that keeps this $h!+ show together, yall think about it, I'm Big Barney Ross,  bourbon taster extraordinaire,  I'm out.

Tonights Bourbon review, Wild Turkey 101.
Coming in at 101 proof, and around 25 bucks a bottle. Wild turkey is an excellent choice due to affordability, availability, versatility, and reliability.  It's hunting season in Kentucky, and there's nothing better than a little Wild Turkey. I've long enjoyed just about everything from Wild Turkey. As an avid outdoorsman, this is the whiskey my friends and family always take to camp or hunt. It's great during the holidays when you want to drink your Turkey for Thanksgiving instead of cooking one for hours.
The nose knows. Sniff sniff test,
Once I opened the bottle, the bourbon had a wonderful odor that was easy not to get the nose in or burn your eyes.  As soon as you open the bottle, your nostrils are flooded with fruit, sweetness, and softness. This is a classic straight bourbon, aged for at least two years in white oak barrels. Or, as in the case with Wild Turkey 101, the age is six years.
Wild Turkey 101 has a classic bourbon smell. At first, there is vanilla, followed by caramel, with a bit of cream and butterscotch. Finally, there is something that resembles a coconut. The aroma of Wild Turkey 101 is simple, but it is remarkably pleasant.
Let's sip, the taste test.
The tasting notes are an explosion of vanilla and a major sweetness, even similar to marshmallows. The palate reveals the basic structure of the whiskey but very soft and pleasant fruit. Even though it’s made from a low-rye mash, Wild Turkey 101 tastes like a pleasantbourbonwith oak flavors. The flavor in every sip has a mix of light to moderate sweetness, peppermint spiciness, cinnamon spiciness, oak spiciness, grain spiciness, and alcohol. I love the bite. This Turkey gobbles with a good bite, 
 Wild Turkey 101’s flavors are very mild; it’s not overly complex. This is an entry-level bourbon with a good after taste,  I'm Big Barney Ross, bourbon taster extraordinaire,  for 25 bucks a bottle,  it will make you gobble, y'all think about it, I'm outta here.

Today's bourbon review,  GEORGE T. STAGG
Coming in at 138.7 proof for about 120 bucks, it's a sipping bourbon,  not a shooter. A Buffalo trace product that's worth the money, even a mere drop, will grant you a chance at immortality.
The sniff sniff, my nose hairs are given a run for their money, melted them, even though I just recently
 trimmed them. The nose emits notes of soda fountain cherries, generic brand chips ahoy, and a slight oak char and a high alcohol content smell, just under non-ethenol level.
The taste test.
The bourbon hits your palate like a dried out jar of nutmeg found at the back of your grandmother's spice cabinet. The expiration date says April 3, 1981, and the flavor is mostly sawdust and red pepper flaked, but a hint of that nutmeg and oatmeal may be detected. Other notes include racetrack fuel and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. 
The aftertaste reminds me of siphoning gas from a Yamaha YZ 500. My mouth is on 🔥 fire. Not pink Floyd comfortably numb, but raising both lids to crap underwater because of the burn uncomfortable numb. This one's going to hurt. 
If you can drink this, you will be immortal. 
George T. Whew, the proof and bite are so hard, I think I've pulled my pancreas. You just touch your tongue to the bourbon and sip it that way.The finish is fleeting, and it mostly just burns, and not in the good way.
If you are experiencing grief and need help coping with the lack of a 2021 George T. Stagg release, Buffalo Trace has launched a public service group therapy called Beginning to Accept Change (BTAC). Meetings will be held at the distillery tasting room on Wednesdays from 5-7pm ET for the next six weeks. No Blanton's will be available for purchase. IM GOING, this is a rough bourbon to swallow. Well, I'm BBR, Bourbon taster extraordinaire,  buyer beware,  this one bites I don’t mean to sound Old Fashioned, but I’ve got to say it…One and a half ounces of Bourbon, one sugar cube, two dashes of angostura bitters, and a few dashes of water, 

Tonight, I review Bulleit Bourbon. The makeup of flavors of Bulleit Bourbon comes from its unique blend of rye, corn, and barley malt, along with special strains of yeast and pure Kentucky limestone-filtered water. Coming in at 90 proof and around 25 bucks, it's a Bourbon, you get what you pay for, the hangover is like a Bulleit to the head. You can line up and do shots. The nose knows, Bulleit Bourbon has a moderate smell of honey, licorice, a lite peach, baked apple, dried orange, pineapple, oak, and cinnamon. There’s a decent fruitiness here, which I think mostly comes from the tropical rye influence. There’s also this gentle oakiness that’s surprisingly fragrant, but not big. Bulleit smells alright but just a bit too weak for my own liking. After swirling there’s honey, fruity Gushers candy, vanilla frosting, licorice, baked apple, pineapple, some roasted oak, cinnamon,  spritz of fresh orange and lemon, and cherry.
It’s all well-balanced with a nice fruitiness.The taste test. My first sip gives me honey, roasted vanilla, licorice, baked apple, pineapple, clove, fennel, roasted oak, and cinnamon. Bulleit Bourbon has that higher-rye tropical fruitiness mixed-in with the sugars that makes it taste like a higher-rye bourbon. My mouth is not numb, but it has a slight bite. Second sip, honey, roasted vanilla, licorice, dried cherry, roasted oak, cinnamon, hint of cocoa powder, dried apple, and orange peel. There’s a little more fruitiness and kick this time around, yes it heats up. My mouth is slightly numb. After taste, has extra apple, orange, cherry, and pineapple fruitiness, which isn't real bad, but it has a little kick. At the end of the day, Bulleit Bourbon can definitely get the job done. Yes there are better bourbons out there but, Bulleit Bourbon the liquid gold that brings warmth to the soul. IM BIG BARNEY ROSS,  Bourbon taster extraordinaire,  Bulleit bourbon on ice I call it the Titonic.
While it sounds strange, adding ice makes it go down quickly. 

Tonights Bourbon review is Kentucky Owl. This is a very smooth and tasty Bourbon,  just as good as Pappy but a fraction of the cost, Who, has ever heard of Kentucky Owl, Who.
Kentucky Owl comes in at 115.8 proof and runs around 130.00
Sniff sniff, the smell test. Aged leather, smoked oak chips,  buttered popcorn, a touch of caramel, light brown sugar,  peppercorn,  pleasing to the nose.
The taste test, 
Rye spice but not dominant Dry aged oak taste with Peppercorn spice mix a Caramel sweetness Light brown sugar. Good mix of spicy and sweet  classic bourbon notes, just absolutely deeeelishious. I highly recommend this bourbon,  Who, to everyone, who, Kentucky Owl, who Who. The aftertaste, Bold spice Light caramel apple with a touch of brown sugar light whipped cream, Lingering light heat. This is a very underrated bourbon most have never heard of, who, most bourbon drinkers, who, you, that's who, Kentucky Owl, who who. Even though it carries an exorbitant price tag, it’s hard for me to deny that Kentucky Owl Bourbon  delivers a quintessential classic sip that won’t disappoint to anyone, who, who that will pay its asking price, who, who, my advice is to try Kentucky Owl, and remember 
Creativity is 80% bourbon and 20% ice. I'm BBR, bourbon taster extraordinaire,  y'all think about it,  I'm outta here.


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