Calloway's Pick Em Challenge standings after week 12


We head in to Rivalry week with Christian Young holding a 9 game lead. We will have extra games this week due to rivalry games. Next week will be the final week of the contest. We will be doing a Bowl Pick challenge. Details for that will be coming soon.

A Swansea family lost everything do to a house fire. The children ran out of the house with just a set of clothes...and that is it. Please donate a dollar or 2 to make sure these young folks have some clothes.

Donate here

Our live show is this Friday! Jackpot will be making a live appearance at Calloway's. Come out and join us for trivia and a recording of the show. The show will be at Calloway's in West Columbia. Come out and support the show and a local family owned business. Calloway's has supported us since we started...they are a huge part of what we do here.

Live show details

Here are the standings for the contest.

Total WinsWeek 12Week 11Week 10Week 9Week 8Week 7Week 6Week 5Week 4Week 3Week 2Week 1Week 13Week 14
Perfect Score130111111111011101111111111
Christian Young78849768677664
troy bowers69968435569446
David R Nelson67637766267278
South Carolina67837466474567
The Comrade67579743465827
Tyler Dove67587337785455
Bob Rutherford65936467364638
Gary Mills65563746354769
Killa-mime (Brian Earley)65675347666276
Mike Worthy65599257444475
Thomas Cummings65637647364775
Beth Ingram Webb64446466776437
Bill Muse64546656655466
Brian Peake64655355556658
Brock Lee64437458354755
Keith Ramsey64747466244668
Melanie Brackett Lawson64838545655546
Ned turner64356465457577
Zeb Osley64466265668447
Champ Anders63744435366858
Chris peterson63715343757768
George Waldrop63665564563656
Jackpot Jr.63737563549464
jonathan lormand6368475577653
Ken Bellinger63536355249669
Thomas Dana Young63729425458665
Edwin Reeves62349557648551
James Matthews62425467556567
Matt Tomlinson62557444835467
Rob Sanders62536676464555
Sally Fleming62435757475456
Bobby Crews61644316565357
Carolina Jackpot614476373656q5
Chris Smith61468254229586
Dixie Normus612373756777NP7
Jeremy Pelletier61727355547745
Joshua Pinion6165555467378
Sharon Griffith61536544439756
Ted McNair61836465557345
Bill Perrell60659357464317
Chip smith60555463446666
Chris Rich60355275547557
David Penn605565647754NP6
James Fleming60535357346865
Kyle Crim60555456536475
Michael Gentry60665334367647
ROBERT WINGARD60665266337466
Ronald Jordan60837254446557
Tiger Paw60535463757465
Anonymous Picker59746432475278
Edge Gregory59534634476647
Rudy 2459429428256557
Dalton DuBose58838237534645
Drillerdeep (Jason Riddle)58763362647545
Eddie Hicks58647425744636
Josh Wilcox58513843466657
Joie R Barwick (Undercover Boss Jbsc888)57723544456647
Kevin Shuler57524565434577
Michael "Alec" Tongour, Jr.57628426517565
Rich Long57346346346657
Robbie Sherbert57545454147666
Baylor Man56444833275754
Joseph Dickson56746535656144
Justin Ellis5637447656455
Lisa "que this bitch up" Harkins56544545635546
Marcus Cameron56325563367565
Terry Turner56655244667155
Tyrone Quarles56623148775454
KEITH RATAMESS55625662175366
Taylor Varn55448434346555
Michael Henderson546946736535
Mike Muse5464573637564
Matt Frye5329355446546
Dale Horton52534341367466
Karen Sanders5164576424256
Scotty Adams51635255437452
Charley Beard493157647448
David Butts4965244779NP5
Michelle shrum47356862476
Angie Darrah465344273434q
Joseph McBrearty Jr4564643423643
Ryan Drew45554366646
Chris Driver44557538236
Ryan Birdwell (Cards and Pints)4254776562
Wendi Wyatt41254535548
Lee Dial39615455310
John C Howell345564545
Ben Simmons33544866
Jeremy McClure32544676
Clemson Dillon30337546
Up Close And Personal30247467
Ron Jolly29347456
Dennis Wilson2654458
wendell nelson247647
Bobby Mclemore217743
Matt Howell203755
Mike Schindler196625
Hufferbilly Paw14644
Matt Miller88
Xhavit Cemenja11


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